The Team

The Staff

Consists of both paid staff and volunteers, many of whom are dyslexic or parents of children with dyslexia. They form the Centre Manager, teaching staff (tutors), trainers/outreach workers, a Project Development Officer, Social Media Officer, frontline support staff and the Board of Directors.

The Board

Are the people who oversee and are responsible for the running of the Centre, staffing, finance, etc. Comprising a Chair person, Secretary, Treasurer and other Board members who meet on a monthly basis but offer ongoing support for the running of the charity.

Friends of DAS

Are individuals who wish to offer support to the charity and its activities. This can be done through social events and fundraising activities.

Our Members

Through an annual membership support the charity and its activities. Each year our members attend an AGM to vote for Board members and consult on issues affecting the charity, its services and activities.

"I've known about DAS for 9 years as both of my children receive tuition from the pre-16 tutors, I was a Director of DAS for nearly 4 years. I gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Specific Learning Difficulties, prior to this I was a Fine Art Photography lecturer for 12 years. I have two children who, like myself, are dyslexic, so I know only too well the great frustration and struggles that one has to continually battle with. I hope to make a difference to people's misunderstanding of the term dyslexia and contribute in a positive way to guide and support others."
Lynn Webberley-Harrop

Centre Manager

Louise is our Centre Manager as well as being one of our specialist dyslexia teachers:

"As Centre Manager I am responsible for the day to day running of the centre, along with acting as a bridge between the Board of Directors and centre staff, volunteers, students and service users. This is a role that has provided me with tremendous job satisfaction for the last 13 years and long may it continue to do so."

Pre-16 tutor


"I joined DAS as a volunteer adult tutor in 2004 and shortly after this took up the post of Dyslexia in Industry Advisor. After a sabbatical in 2007 I decided I would like to begin tutoring pre-16 children. I now find this really rewarding as parents always report back on progress made at school and you can see students grow in confidence. Sometimes, if I'm lucky, I can even get them enthusiastic about English Literature and recently had a student achieve a high C grade in his GCSE English, after getting an E grade the previous year. I love my job!"

Community Dyslexia Tutors

This is a programme run by Lorraine and Louise which offers training to parents and carers to enable them to support children with dyslexia.

"My role is varied and covers teaching on all of our courses for parents and carers, as well as dyslexia awareness training for organisations. I also undertake direct one-to-one adult dyslexia tuition. As a Community Dyslexia Tutor most of our courses and training are delivered at various sites within the community, as we hope to offer our services to the whole of Staffordshire. Part of my duties also includes attending community events and taking our information stand out in the community to further raise awareness of dyslexia and provide information to the general public."

Math Tutors

I've worked for DAS primarily teaching mathematics (both paid and voluntary) for a number of years. My learners are of a variety of abilities and ages (post-sixteen). The courses I teach range from Entry Level, Levels 1 & 2 of the Adult Numeracy Core Curriculum, GCSE, A-Level and beyond. I enjoy the challenge of teaching students in variety of way to suit their individual needs and learning requirements.