Dyslexia Association of Staffordshire Ltd began life as the North Staffs Dyslexia Association (NSDA) in the bedroom of a parent of a dyslexic child. We became a registered charity in 1981 with a remit to support parents of dyslexic children in the North Staffordshire area.

This continued until 2001 when, as we were fielding so many queries regarding adults, we applied for funding to open a centre. As the most readily available funding was for adults, we opened the NSDA Adult Centre in March 2002 with 2 part time staff and 2 volunteers.

As the number of queries increased so it became evident that the services expected of us needed to broaden. We applied for further funding to offer subsidised tuition for pre 16 learners and adults. We moved to new premises in 2011 which offered the charity a shopfront setting to offer a more visual presence to drop-in clients.

All of our projects are now delivered with the aim of meeting our core services of:

  • information and advice
  • testing
  • tuition
  • training

Call us on 01782 848784 or email das@dyslexiastaffordshire.co.uk for more information.